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  • "Surfing is the most blissful experience you can have on this planet - a taste of heaven". -John McCarthy

    These are our instructors - your future teachers - in action.

  • Surfboards

    Choose Your Rider.

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    The Chilli Bird

    Short Board (6'2")

    broken image

    The Red Rider

    Short Board (6'4")

    broken image

    The Bazooka

    Short Board (6'6")

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    Focus & Record

    A Custom Video & Photos

    No matter if you wipe out throughout the whole lesson - we want to capture your journey to the coveted moment where you stand up and ride your first wave all the way in.


    We'll get your amazing experience cut into a short, customized movie. And then you'll be able to pick your favorite photos out of the lot.

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    Surfing Classes

    Our Instructors are Lifeguard & CPR Certified

    We have Certified Instructors with over 22 years of combined experience teaching small groups of no more than 3 people.


    Everyone will have 1-on-1 time with our instructors to get you standing up on your board, in your first lesson.

  • Got Questions?

    We've Got Answers.

    1355 MARKET ST